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Home staging may be one of the hottest trends in real estate today. Advocates say that home sales for staged homes are often faster and at higher prices than similar unstaged homes. Just what is home staging and how can it help you sell your home? Staging is a process of cleaning, organizing, rearranging, updating, and preparing your home for sale. Sound good? Anyone who's ever had a home for sale, languishing on the market for 
weeks or even months, will probably be all for any process than can help avoid that situation in the future. 

Staging Tips and Decorating to Sell






The potpourri is about to hit the fan.

A new reality series on CBS will follow a group of highly motivated contestants from all walks of life, living together under one roof as they are given tasks to determine their creative talent, sense of style and personality. 

These perfection-obsessed contestants, whose motto is "anything you can do, I can do better," will compete in different areas of beautifying the home and entertaining, including party planning, gardening, cooking, baking, sewing, crafts, floral arranging and decorating. 

Ths show is on Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 7 in Seattle.

For more info, go to www.CBS.com


Every day new websites related to design are created and choose DesignAddict's links directory to introduce themselves to the design community. 

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Home Staging

At its most basic it may be as simple as performing some needed home repairs, prepacking and removing unneeded items and accessories, and bringing in some fresh flowers and plants. In other cases it might be as complicated as repainting, recarpeting, rearranging furniture, or replacing outdated light fixtures or window treatments. But no matter how easy or complicated, the end result has only one goal: to show potential buyers the very best side of your home. After all, they'll be able to concentrate on picturing themselves in the home when they're not distracted by clutter, dirt, or home maintenance problems. 

Before and After Examples of Staged Homes

Home staging takes the preparations for getting a house ready to sell a bit further, showcasing it so that buyers can visualize living there. Home staging involves the same commonsense advice that real estate agents have been giving sellers for decades, but with some fresh additions. Professional home stagers are available for hire here in Seattle. Some work with your own furnishings to create a new look, but home stagers often have a warehouse of furniture and accessories to draw from. Others might expect you to purchase new items.

More Home Staging Tips and Ideas

If you are a home seller, my goal is not simply to sell your house, but to help you realize the best price obtainable for your property in the shortest period of time.


These photos featured here are examples of work from Robin Freeman and Two.9 design Interiors of Seattle. Robin is an award-winning interior designer with over 10 years experience in the architectural and interior design arts. If your needs go beyond simple staging, Give her a call at 206-329-3429.
Email Robin at Design29@cablespeed.com


Need a Round Bed?  

I've been looking for a good Round Bed resource for years.  Just what you need to spice up the ol' love life.  

HERE for more Round Beds and other exotic furniture delights.

Seattle Magazine is a great resource for Seattleites, whether newcomers or oldtimers, with lots of helpful articles and great feature stories. They also have a fabulous quarterly magazine called Northwest Home and Garden, which has interesting stories on local homeowners and is a good resource for remodeling, renovating and decorating your home.

Seattle Magazine

Ugly Couch Contest!

Nordwood Mall in Massachusets is sponsoring an Ugly Couch Contest.  Send your photos toWebmaster@NorwoodMall.com or upload them HERE. Email the details.
Send Photographs to: Ugly Couch Contest, 619 Old Randolph Street, Abington, MA. 02351 USA Att: John Dingle 
Show Your Support.  Enter Your Vote for as many Ugly Couches as you like, (or hate).

Want more photos?  

No matter how beautiful your furnishings are, if you haven't decided on the style and resonance of the room, it will appear confused and awkward. Interesting people create interesting houses. By being ourselves, we can break through the limitations imposed by place and circumstance. It is the expression of well-lived lives that create beautiful spirit and charm in a house, not the beautiful furnishings.

But it doesn't hurt!


Bathroom Mania! is an illustrative new line of sanitary products
by Dutch illustrator and designer Meike van Schijndel.


With these innovative and playful designs, Meike dazzlingly transforms the bathroom experience, giving a whole new meaning to the term 'total relaxation'. Today's hectic world doesn't usually allow much opportunity or time for our fantasies, but the Bathroom Mania! designs help us to let our minds relax and drift off into another, imaginative world.



'Good Morning Sunshine!' the flower pot

Bring the fresh air into your bathroom with the flower pot, a birdie that sings with every flush and a sun that really shines!

Wanna see more photos? Click 
HERE for Bathroom-Mania website


Collette Collins Design

For 23 years, Collette Collins has been designing and fabricating custom objects that reflect the specific needs and vision of her clients, as well as her own view of organic elegance.

Her work reveals a commitment to the expression of essential life energy that unites both the animate and inanimate worlds.

Through the use of materials such as exotic woods, metal, bamboo and leather each piece creates a calm center in the midst of dynamic flow.

To speak to Collette, view her portfolio and commission a piece for your own home, you can reach her at her design studio at 206-722-3081.

Email Collette Collins Design




Funky Sofa been a leading manufacturer of custom upholstered sofas and sofa sleepers for over 27 years. You can now purchase their custom designed furniture online at the same wholesale price that furniture resellers pay. The goal is to provide great furniture, low prices, good customer care and White Glove Delivery? service. Their customer care representives are available for assistance seven days a week.

Create your own custom look by choosing from one of their many designs and add any of their fabrics or leathers and their skilled craftsmen will build your sofa,loveseat,chair and ottoman to match your unique taste. Most sofa and loveseats models are also available as sleepers.



Your home theater can become a DRIVE-IN theater with this line of furniture using replica's of favorite cars like the 1957 Corvette, custom pinstriping and flames.
With this line, you can pick the color of paint for the body and the color of leather for the upholstery. Classically flamed hot-rod sedan or the subtle class of a pearl white sports car, you pick the color scheme.



Why buy a casket for just one day
At CasketFurniture.com, the products can last you a lifetime, and still be the perfect vehicle to carry you to the great beyond. Whether it's a couch, shelf, or end table, these items are designed to blend effortlessly into most contemporary interior designs. Every product can also be transformed into a high-quality casket at your time of need. 

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Martha's New Digs!

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Candle Consultant!

The newest rage! Undecided about what color candles go where in your home? Concerned that the different Candle Scents you chose last Spring will clash with this seasons scents? Then hire a Candle Consultant!

Candle Consultanting

Here's an amusing article from NewYorkish on the Candle Craze

Death by Dyptique

Cool Pavilions for your home by Michael Graves, sold by Target, built by Lindal

 For pictures and more information CLICK HERE.


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